Dealing with Broken Bones

Broken bones are no fun, and some employers unfortunately believe that a loss of limb is not an excuse to take time off. However, that said, going to work every day does stop your going stir crazy! Odd as it sounds, there are still things you can do with a broken bone. For example if your job is manual and you break your leg, you can always do admin work or reception. A business, especially a small one requires a lot of admin work doing to keep it running as it should.

When working with a broken bone, be aware that you may well have to take pain relief and strong stuff at that. And although you may not like taking painkillers like Tramadol, sometimes a situation arises where the big guns are needed. They drugs may make you feel a little spaced out, but that’s perfectly OK as being a little bit spaced reduces the stress and frustration of not being able to do something you normally can.

Depending on the severity of the break and the bone(s) broken, your doctor may provide you with more or less powerful drugs. Also, if you ask very nicely they may give you a small prescription of something like Valium, though be warned it’s a little bit on the addictive side!

When taking your pain killers, always be sure to read the label and any paper work that has come with them to ensure you’re taking them correctly and also the correct dose. You should also look at the list of side effects and become familiar with them. Should you have any adverse reactions to your pain killers, stop taking them immediately and go to the hospital with the packet and medication.

When your bones have healed you’ll have to go to physio to get them working again, and this can also be a painful experience, so taking painkillers before may help alleviate some of the pain inflicted. Seriously, physio therapists are complete sadists and they even get paid to inflict pain on people! Be sure to always go to your appointments however, because it is through these sessions you’ll be able to get back to normal.

If you find you need additional support with regards to any drugs you are prescribed, be sure to speak to a pharmacist for they will be best suited to tell you all you need to know about your meds. Please do take a good look around the remainder of our website for we do have a large array of additional articles and guides that will enlighten you on how to deal with a great many different aches and pains quickly and in a cost effective way too.