High Strength Pain Relief

Believe it or not, stronger than average painkillers are not simply limited to Morphine as there is a huge array of high strength drugs for nearly every ailment. Aspirin and Paracetamol are all well and good, but sometimes they won’t even touch the sides.

This is where prescription pain relief comes in to play. Granted you wouldn’t take a really strong pain killer for a hangover or a stubbed toe, however, for severe pain like breaks sprains and dental work, it is much more effective to use strong pain relief.

When taking Tramadol high strength pain relief, caution should always be taken for you may react differently, such as feeling high or spaced out, in which case you should not operate any machinery or drive. This side effect doesn’t last long however, it may be an idea to adjust the times of day you take it if you have things to do such as work.

When looking at your pain level, try and do it on a 1 – 10 scale, 1 being a dull ache, and 10 being a searing, relentless pain. Most women put child birth at around an 8 usually, though if you’re male, I wouldn’t expect you to know what child birth feels like.

If you’re having a lumber puncture you will receive a very strong pain relief and after this has worn off, you may be given a prescription of equally strong pain relief to take over the few days to follow.

The joys of the lumber puncture is although slightly invasive, it’s a quick procedure and as such can usually be done in under an hour. The same pain relief is used when women are having a C Section or a natural birth using epidural.

After giving birth, we know no one feels great, however, you will be given a cocktail of pain relief that will make you feel slightly numb for a while, which is ideal when you have a catheter in as they are hardly the most comfortable of things!

When you’re due to be sent home, your doctor may well prescribe you some pain relief for a week or so just until your body is back to normal and screaming like it’s been attacked by an 8lb sledgehammer!

Be aware, that if breast feeding, it is advisable not to take any pain relief for this could be transferred into your milk. Please do take a good look around the remainder of our website for we do have a large array of additional articles and guides that will enlighten you on how to deal with a great many different aches and pains quickly and in a cost effective way too.