Pain relief Following Adult Circumcision

Gird your loins, boys! This is actually more common than you think. Usually a circumcision is performed on very young boys. However, sometimes it is necessary to perform this simple operation in later life due to medical reasons, or even personal preference. In either case, being circumcised as an adult can be quite painful, not so much during the operation, but for the few weeks after, especially in the mornings.

This type of pain is possibly one of the worst pains a man can feel, for the penis is tender in general to begin with, and now it’s got stitches in it! However, there is help at hand with all kinds of medication out there predominantly pain relief. It is also advisable to have anti-inflammatory meds alongside these pain killers.

However, there is another option that you can explore, and that would be something to prevent an erection. Usually these types of drugs are prescribed for things like depression or eating disorders, however, your doctor may decide that preventing an erection is a good idea, especially if there were any complications during your op.

Going back to painkillers, the best ones to take in this situation are those that are Opium based, these make you feel a little spaced out for a while, however, they do numb any pain and are prescribed for moderate to serious pain.

With Opium based painkillers however, you must read the box carefully and any literature that comes with the medication including potential side effects, which can include vivid dreams (not always a bad thing!), nausea, drowsiness and constipation.

Becoming familiar with the drug and the literature that comes with it is a very good idea so you know that if you have any reactions that are adverse, you can speak to your medical practitioner about alternatives or even adjusting your dosage.

As with drink driving, driving under the influence of any opiate, be that natural or synthetic is illegal and could land you with a driving ban, so ensure that you never drive while taking an opiate. One final thing your doctor may wish to prescribe to you is a benzodiazepine (Valium) which could help with any mental anguish or frustration you may feel for the few days after your operation.

Again these are a little bit on the Moorish side, and as such should not be abused. Please do take a good look around the remainder of our website for we do have a large array of additional articles and guides that will enlighten you on how to deal with a great many different aches and pains quickly and in a cost effective way too, and how Tramadol will help you overcome those aches and pains.