Pain Relief for a Hangover

If you’re hungover, you only have yourself to blame! However, help is at hand. The first thing you should do is rehydrate yourself, drink plenty of water and rest up. There is also a wonderful think called Milk Thistle which can help prevent a hangover.

It may also be required for you to administer pain relief for the headache while you sleep off the remainder of your night on the town. Under no circumstance should you eat salty foods (or the rest of last night’s kebab!) for you’re trying to rehydrate your system, and salt and sodium will dehydrate it even more. If you’re really craving something to eat, a light fruit salad with fresh orange juice will be nice and refreshing.

Try to also avoid heat and the sun for this will cause you to sweat and deplete moisture. A cool shower will also help and rehydrate the skin at the same time.

When you administer pain relief for a hangover, try and judge it out of 10. 1 being mild and 10 being horrendous, then go for the best pain relief for that level. Aspirin for 1-4, Paracetamol for 5-8, and anything stronger for 9 and 10.

You may discover that anti inflammatory medication also helps.

Hangovers are caused due to dehydration, and you don’t actually have to drink alcohol to get one. The best way to treat a hangover is to drink plenty of water throughout the day. Actually it’s a good lifestyle option to drink plenty of water all the time! You may also want to have some sweet tea to boost your energy levels.

When a hangover strikes, it tends to come with a vengeance and it’s like World War III is going on inside your head, so try to avoid bright light and noise for a while until the headache subsides. It is also helpful to use the toilet as much as you can, for this will help get the alcohol out of your system quickly.

The body can take a battering, however, you do need to detox it every so often. If you’re getting hangover like symptoms after not drinking alcohol, get tested for Gut Fermentation Syndrome, for this may also be a cause of hangovers.

If hangovers are a regular part of your life, it may also be an idea to get some help, for you may be border lining on alcoholism. You will find that Tramadol is one of the best drugs you can take to treat headache and as such if you do wish to make a purchase of any quantity then all that you will need to do is to click on any of the order now links located on this web page or throughout our website.