Pain Relief for Sprains

If you’ve ever sprained a joint, you’ll know that it can be somewhat painful. This is where pain relief is most welcome. Furthermore, you can also take anti-inflammatory medication alongside most pain relief medication.

Some pain relief however is exceptionally strong and should only be taken as prescribed due to the fact an overdose could prove to be fatal. There are a variety of types of pain relief, including some opiates such as Morphine. These can be highly addictive and should always be taken with caution. Being an opiate means it is loosely related to drugs such as heroin and prolonged use or misuse of these medications can lead to addiction.

That said however, taken correctly and for the correct amount of time, you’ll have no problems at all except for feeling a little spaced out (perfect for sever sprains of broken bones).

When dealing with severe pain such as when you have a sprained ankle, it is advisable to also apply cold compresses or ice to the area to reduce swelling and discomfort while the medication gets to work. You will also find, as your medication wears off, you’ll become slightly agitated, this isn’t a withdrawal symptom, this is your brain suddenly beginning to feel what starts as a dull ache and then the pain gets gradually worse.

In my own experience with high strength pain relief in hospital, it is actually a good idea to speak to the nurses and tell them you don’t want to be on pain relief all the time, however to administer it as and when you need it.

Should your pain be unbearable, go to your local hospital and get it looked at, for it may be more serious than you initially anticipated. If you do go, ensure you tell the doctor and triage nurse exactly what you’ve taken, including any alcohol in the last 24 hours. If you’re honest with your medical team, they can provide you with the best possible care and also tailor any medication given to you. There are very few side effects to pain relief, however, they can make you feel drunk or spaced out, though these effect usually wear off within an hour or so.

Be sure to never mix pain killers, for this could lead to scarring of the liver, kidney failure or even death if not taken correctly and as advised by your medical team.

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