Treating Children for Pain

Children are resilient little beasts. Always getting up to mischief, but surprisingly they tend to go through childhood relatively unscathed. However, there are times when pain killers are needed, such as broken bones, stitches and even high temperatures.

The general rule for children aged 12 and under is half the dose of an adult, however, common sense and caution should be used.

Painkillers and children are not something you would normally put together, but sometimes it is necessary as placebos don’t always trick them in to thinking they’ve taken something for the pain.

Bumped heads, stubbed toes and trapped fingers are almost a rite of passage from childhood to teenage years, and as such you should always have child friendly painkillers to hand. The problem that arises however, is when a child is also on a different medication, for medication can interact and interfere with each other, some even counteracting the effects of the original medication. It’s a bit of a pain to know what works with what, however, speaking to a medical professional will aid you in knowing exactly what you need to be using.

If you’re concerned about side effects, read the label and weigh up the pros and cons of using the medication. Sometimes a child can have a strange reaction, while another one doesn’t. One of the main side effects of pain killers is becoming drowsy, however this is perfectly normal and the effect goes within an hour or so. If however you do become concerned, be sure to take a trip to the hospital and make sure everything is OK.

If a trip to the hospital is required, remember to take the packet with you, and don’t panic. Also remember that kids like to brag and they’ll be dining out on telling that story for weeks! Most commonly if a child needs to be taken to hospital due to medication, they’ll flush their system out and keep them in for 24 hours for observation, usually discharging them the next day.

They’ll usually do a full health check to, testing bloods, urine and stool to make sure the body is working as it should. In the unusual cases, the child can be kept in for a few days, but this is not cause for concern, they are simply erring on the side of caution.

If your child ever needs high power pain killers, make sure you treat them with caution. You will find that Tramadol is one of the best drugs you can take to treat a range of different pains and as such if you do wish to make a purchase of any quantity then all that you will need to do is to click on any of the order now links located on this web page or throughout our website.